About Us

Cities count on Passport’s innovative mobility management platform to power and manage parking and mobility systems, making our communities more vibrant and fair. Our company’s strategy is all about meeting the needs of our customers and the communities we serve. Guided by our principles of putting People First, taking Ownership, and keeping things Simple and Scalable, our Passport team is the heart of our success. We’re committed to creating a welcoming workplace where everyone feels motivated and supported to do their best work.

Our Vision

The What:

PassportMove is a software and payments company specializing in mobility management.

The Why:

We’re dedicated to assisting cities in building more inclusive and livable communities.

The How:

Our mobility platform delivers real-time data and valuable insights, simplifying the management of curb space amidst competing demands.

Our Solutions

Incorporating an integrated suite of top-tier digital solutions, our offerings encompass mobile pay parking, enforcement, permitting, and payments. Our platform serves as the central hub for all your parking and mobility data, enabling you to harness insights for enhanced decision-making, revenue growth, and an improved customer experience, all within a more efficient operational framework.

Mobile Pay Parking

Simplify the process of parking and payment with our mobile parking solution, designed for customer convenience.

Parking Enforcement

Access real-time insights and data through our cloud-based enforcement system.

Digital Permitting

Optimize your operations and eliminate manual tasks with our digital permitting solution.