From Traditional

to Digital with Passport

Transforming from a paper-based system to Passport’s digital solution is like upgrading from a manual typewriter to a state-of-the-art computer. It’s a leap into the future, where efficiency, accessibility, and convenience reign, providing a seamless transition that unlocks a world of possibilities for your operations.

Focus on Parking Management,

Not Piles of Paperwork


Passport's Advanced Digital Meter Reservation and Bagging System

Designed with municipalities and operators in mind, providing the ability to create different types of reservations, monitor parking space availability, and streamline temporary curbside blocks or reservations.

Take a Look at Our Fantastic

Digital Parking Permit Capabilities

Discover how our remarkable parking permitting system and robust platform can elevate your business.


  • Digital Permits All the Way: Say goodbye to old-school permits and paperwork. Handle all your permits online, start to finish.

  • Make It Your Way: Craft the permits you need, whether they're for regular use or just a one-time thing. You can even pick how long they last.

  • Effortless Boss Mode: Approvals, renewals, waitlists – you name it, you got it. Easy as pie.

  • Smooth Moves: We'll take care of moving your existing permit holders over to Passport's platform without you lifting a finger.

  • Ping! You're Notified: Your permit peeps will always be in the loop with emails for receipts, reminders when things are about to expire, and nudge-nudges for renewals.

Permit Types

  • Check Home Eligibility on Autopilot: Our system automatically verifies if you live at a certain address. No more sifting through addresses manually or approving applications one by one.

  • Only Permits Where They Belong: We issue permits based on specific addresses, ensuring they're a perfect match.

  • Guests and Visitors Made Easy: Manage guest and visitor permits all in one place. No more hassles with printing or mailing separate permits.

Data and Reporting

  • Supercharge Your Permit Team: Give your permit team the tools they need for efficient operations.

  • All-In-One Permit Reports: Access a hub for permit reports, covering approvals, applicant info, and waitlist management, all in one place.

  • Waitlist Made Easy: Our flexible waitlist system automatically makes offers with customizable expiration dates.

  • Speedy Approval Queue: Use our unified approval queue with advanced search and filters to quickly review and approve user applications.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Get reports with financial analysis, inventory management, usage trends, and waitlist status for smart decision-making.

  • Hassle-Free Permits: Issue and renew permits, whether it's in person or by mail, and easily keep track of payments for detailed reports.


Branded Portal

  • Wow Your Customers: Make your customers smile with an online hub that looks and feels just like your brand.

  • Secure, Anytime Permits: Keep things safe and easy with a city-branded portal. Apply and pay for permits from anywhere, 24/7.

  • Customize the Control: You decide what permit holders can tweak online. Tailor the experience to match your needs.

  • Handy FAQs: Stick in some custom FAQs right in the portal. That way, permit holders can find info about your services and rules without breaking a sweat.


Fast, Effortless, and Protected Transaction Processing

Enhance Cash Flow and Lower Expenses with Passport Payment Solutions

“Team Up with the Payment Pros!

At PassportMove, our Payments are like peanut butter and jelly, seamlessly connected to our all-in-one mobility platform. We’re best buddies with trusted partners, and this means dealing with payments is a piece of cake. You’ll find it easier to handle your daily card earnings, both credit and debit.

The cool stuff about this partnership:

  • Smoother Moves: No more operation headaches and confusing reconciliations.

  • Cash in Your Pocket: We’ll help you save money on processing fees, so you can keep more of what you earn.

  • Gateway-Free Fun: You won’t need those third-party gateways and processors anymore, making things simpler and less likely to go wrong.”

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